millicent & arnaud | the south of france

22nd September 2015


I could try to stay cool and pretend I do this all the time, but unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know

(thanks to  instagram and other helpful social media platforms) this has been THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE .

My humble job took me all the way to the south of France.

I did a wee bit of European holidaying because you can’t go to the south of France without a wee European holiday.

I biked around London and Paris, spent five nights in Paris for my birthday, ate fondue and picnicked under the Eiffel tower. Twice.

I bought cheese daily, drank malibu and coke by the Mediterranean Sea until dark,

went parasailing in Nice, wine tasting in Tuscany and had a kebab in Rome.

I lost all my luggage. Twice (which I am told is no mean feat). On two different flights. Seven point five days all up.

And, I shot this wedding.

The whole thing was so good and so perfect (yep, even the luggage thing) that I didn’t know how to feel it completely.

It’s still sinking in.

I think it will be for a while.





























































holly & josh | engagement

28th July 2015

i’m awfully glad these two popped into my life.

we spontaneously pencilled in an engagement shoot with a couple of day’s notice, taking into consideration general business,

recent sub-zero temperatures and my refusal to leave the house in winter .

little did we know we were about to embark on the Best Day Ever and spend a good two hours squealling like girls (yes, all three of us) over the weather,

the blue sky, the location and holly’s outrageous and ever increasing good looks .

whoop whoop holly and josh. i’m still buzzing. xxx

007michelle fiona

008michelle fiona

006michelle fiona

004michelle fiona

019michelle fiona

011michelle fiona

009michelle fiona

024michelle fiona

022michelle fiona

026michelle fiona

045michelle fiona

028michelle fiona

033michelle fiona

036michelle fiona

041michelle fiona

055michelle fiona

034michelle fiona

035michelle fiona

037michelle fiona

038michelle fiona

039michelle fiona

046michelle fiona

047michelle fiona

063michelle fiona

066michelle fiona

042michelle fiona

043michelle fiona

062michelle fiona

052michelle fiona

054michelle fiona

065michelle fiona

068michelle fiona

072michelle fiona

071michelle fiona

073michelle fiona

075michelle fiona

076michelle fiona

077michelle fiona

078michelle fiona

081michelle fiona


rhiann & glen | sydney

2nd July 2015

where do i start with rhiann. you see it’s not about the day or the flowers or the dj or the frock for this wedding.

because rhiann was my dear friend in my late teens.

i don’t know about you but seriously, how great are friends in your late teens and early twenties.

we had a lot of fun together and did many very important teenage slash early twenties things together.

ahh so much to say but i digress. inbox me. those stories are doozies.

in saying that, it was also about the day and the flowers and the dj and the frock.

it was the total package but it was also jam packed with all the emotion of watching a dear friend totally nail her wedding day.

i didn’t know if i should be throwing out high fives, crying or taking pictures (i mostly took pictures).

rhiann you are just awesome, your new husband is awesome, your not so baby sister is awesome, your day was really really awesome.

what and HONOUR it was to share it with you.

thank you x

001_the grounds of alexandria

005_the grounds of alexandria

006_the grounds of alexandria

009_the grounds of alexandria

013_the grounds of alexandria

014_the grounds of alexandria

015_the grounds of alexandria

016_the grounds of alexandria

017_the grounds of alexandria

020_the grounds of alexandria

022_the grounds of alexandria

032_the grounds of alexandria

026_the grounds of alexandria

027_the grounds of alexandria

029_the grounds of alexandria

031_the grounds of alexandria

034_the grounds of alexandria

035_the grounds of alexandria

047_the grounds of alexandria

048_the grounds of alexandria

049_the grounds of alexandria

050_the grounds of alexandria

067_the grounds of alexandria

068_the grounds of alexandria

052_the grounds of alexandria

056_the grounds of alexandria

054_the grounds of alexandria

058_the grounds of alexandria

059_the grounds of alexandria

062_the grounds of alexandria

065_the grounds of alexandria

063_the grounds of alexandria

064_the grounds of alexandria

069_the grounds of alexandria

070_the grounds of alexandria

073_the grounds of alexandria

074_the grounds of alexandria

076_the grounds of alexandria

077_the grounds of alexandria

078_the grounds of alexandria

080_the grounds of alexandria

081_the grounds of alexandria

082_the grounds of alexandria

083_the grounds of alexandria

084_the grounds of alexandria

085_the grounds of alexandria

087_the grounds of alexandria

095_the grounds of alexandria

092_the grounds of alexandria

090_the grounds of alexandria

094_the grounds of alexandria

099_the grounds of alexandria

100_the grounds of alexandria

108_the grounds of alexandria

110_the grounds of alexandria

109_the grounds of alexandria

111_the grounds of alexandria

112_the grounds of alexandria

117_the grounds of alexandria

120_the grounds of alexandria

121_the grounds of alexandria

123_the grounds of alexandria


frock :: rachel gilbert

blooms :: the grounds floral

hair and mu :: amelia axton

styling :: blessed days

venue :: the grounds of alexandria

tunes :: the vintage stylus

assistant slash second lens :: eliza jade


tasha & youil | sydney

22nd April 2015

when i walked into Tasha’s newtown terrace on the morning of her wedding, i knew we were in for an unforgettable day.

her frock, her friends, her mum,

and then she sealed the deal with her lip colour.

but wait, when I thought things couldn’t get better, I met Youil. just wow.

just as parents can’t have favourite kids,photogs can’t have favourite weddings.

but just between you and me, this one was a wee bit special ❤️

michelle fiona carriage works-4

01_carriage works

michelle fiona carriage works-1

michelle fiona carriage works-5

michelle fiona carriage works-3

02_carriage works

michelle fiona carriage works-13

michelle fiona carriage works-14

michelle fiona carriage works-21

michelle fiona carriage works-16

michelle fiona carriage works-15

michelle fiona carriage works-17

michelle fiona carriage works-23

michelle fiona carriage works-24

michelle fiona carriage works-29

michelle fiona carriage works-30

michelle fiona carriage works-31

michelle fiona carriage works-33

michelle fiona carriage works-34

michelle fiona carriage works-35

michelle fiona carriage works-36

michelle fiona carriage works-37

michelle fiona carriage works-62

michelle fiona carriage works-38

michelle fiona carriage works-40

michelle fiona carriage works-41

michelle fiona carriage works-43

michelle fiona carriage works-44

michelle fiona carriage works-45

michelle fiona carriage works-46

michelle fiona carriage works-48

michelle fiona carriage works-49

michelle fiona carriage works-50

michelle fiona carriage works-51

michelle fiona carriage works-52

michelle fiona carriage works-53

michelle fiona carriage works-55

michelle fiona carriage works-59

michelle fiona carriage works-60

michelle fiona carriage works-61

michelle fiona carriage works-64

michelle fiona carriage works-65

michelle fiona carriage works-66

michelle fiona carriage works-67

michelle fiona carriage works-68

michelle fiona carriage works-70

michelle fiona carriage works-71

michelle fiona carriage works-77

michelle fiona carriage works-76

04_carriage works

michelle fiona carriage works-81

michelle fiona carriage works-82

michelle fiona carriage works-87

michelle fiona carriage works-88

michelle fiona carriage works-89

michelle fiona carriage works-84

michelle fiona carriage works-85

michelle fiona carriage works-99

michelle fiona carriage works-97

michelle fiona carriage works-94

michelle fiona carriage works-101

michelle fiona carriage works-102

michelle fiona carriage works-103

michelle fiona carriage works-104

michelle fiona carriage works-105

michelle fiona carriage works-109


michelle fiona carriage works-111

frock :: mariana hardwick

blooms :: friends and sydney flower markets!

hair and mu :: amelia axton

styling :: tasha and sweet art

venue :: carriage works



snapshot // angela + mitch

so much goodness at pearl beach on the central coast last weekend.

more coming soon :)

a and m


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