emily & dave {bendooley estate}

15th April 2014

I’m a wee bit excited to be able to share this wedding.

Emily and Dave live in New york and popped over to the beautiful Bendooley Estate last year to get married.

(Bride to be Emily traipsed through airports wedding bound with Vera Wang slung over her shoulder. Oh yes she did.)

Here are a couple of my favourites.

And… my awesome fancy friends are featured on US Style Me Pretty today!

Style Me Pretty is kind of a big deal in the world of weddings so make sure you click here to see what all of the fuss is about.

Thanks for having an amazing wedding Emily and Dave. I’m still buzzing x

bendooley estate 027

bendooley estate 005

bendooley estate 006

bendooley estate 032

bendooley estate 034

bendooley estate 037

bendooley estate 038

bendooley estate 011

bendooley estate 012

bendooley estate 014

bendooley estate 039

bendooley estate 040

bendooley estate 043

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bendooley estate 016

bendooley estate 018

bendooley estate 050

bendooley estate 051

bendooley estate 052

bendooley estate 054

bendooley estate 058

bendooley estate 057

bendooley estate 021

bendooley estate 059

bendooley estate 023

bendooley estate-82

bendooley estate 063

bendooley estate 024

bendooley estate 025

bendooley estate 026

bendooley estate 062

bendooley estate-107

bendooley estate-108

bendooley estate-109

bendooley estate-111

bendooley estate-113

bendooley estate-115

bendooley estate-116


blake & sam {ocean farm}

20th December 2013

if i was allowed to have a favourite wedding, this might be it.

this is such a perfect and fulfilling way to end the year. i am so in love with this wedding

a south coast ocean hideaway with eleven guests and a ceremony under a fig tree.

top it off with a dinner party fit for a king (She Designs plus team you blow my mind) and a view to die for.

oh. complete with whales.

blake and sam, i do try not to gush but you did make all of my childhood dreams come true.

sam, a girl who’s not afraid to throw on some gumboots and play in mud and barbed wire fences is my kind of bride.

Processed with VSCOcam with x2 preset

photo credit: dashing groom.

(just the above pic, i took the rest)

ocean farm-1

ocean farm-2

ocean farm-4

ocean farm-5

ocean farm-6

ocean farm-7

ocean farm-8

ocean farm-9

ocean farm-10

ocean farm-11

ocean farm-12

ocean farm-14

ocean farm-15

ocean farm-17

ocean farm-20

ocean farm-19

ocean farm-21

ocean farm-22

ocean farm-23

ocean farm-26

ocean farm-24

ocean farm-25

ocean farm-27

ocean farm-28

ocean farm-29

ocean farm-30

ocean farm-31

ocean farm-32

ocean farm-33

ocean farm-34

ocean farm-35

ocean farm-36

ocean farm-37

ocean farm-39

ocean farm-41

ocean farm-42

ocean farm-43

ocean farm-44

ocean farm-45

ocean farm-46

ocean farm-47

ocean farm-48

ocean farm-49

ocean farm-50

ocean farm-51

ocean farm-52

ocean farm-53

ocean farm-54

ocean farm-58

ocean farm-61

ocean farm-62

ocean farm-63

ocean farm-64

ocean farm-65

ocean farm-67

ocean farm-68

ocean farm-69

ocean farm-72

ocean farm-71

ocean farm-73

ocean farm-74

ocean farm-76

ocean farm-77

ocean farm-79

ocean farm-78

ocean farm-80

ocean farm-81

ocean farm-82

ocean farm-83

ocean farm-85

ocean farm-86

ocean farm-87

ocean farm-88

ocean farm-89

ocean farm-91

ocean farm-90

ocean farm-92

ocean farm-93

ocean farm-94

ocean farm-95

ocean farm-96

ocean farm-97

ocean farm-98

ocean farm-99

ocean farm-100

ocean farm-101

ocean farm-102

ocean farm-103

ocean farm-104

ocean farm-105

ocean farm-106

ocean farm-107

ocean farm-110

ocean farm-108

ocean farm-112

ocean farm-113

ocean farm-111

ocean farm-114

ocean farm-115

ocean farm-116

ocean farm-117

ocean farm-119

ocean farm-120

ocean farm-118

ocean farm-121

ocean farm-123

ocean farm-122

ocean farm-124

ocean farm-125

ocean farm-126


shannon & dale {lavender bay}

16th December 2013

a stunning wedding in the heart of beautiful sydney,

topped off with a reception to-die-for at the Shangri-La.

shannon and dale you’re beyond lovely and awesome and i loved your day. thanks for having me x

wendy's secret garden-2

wendy's secret garden-3

wendy's secret garden-4

wendy's secret garden-5

wendy's secret garden-6

wendy's secret garden-8

wendy's secret garden-22

wendy's secret garden-23

wendy's secret garden-9

wendy's secret garden-10

wendy's secret garden-11

wendy's secret garden-13

wendy's secret garden-14

wendy's secret garden-15

wendy's secret garden-16

wendy's secret garden-17

wendy's secret garden-18

wendy's secret garden-19

wendy's secret garden-20

wendy's secret garden-21

wendy's secret garden-24

wendy's secret garden-27

wendy's secret garden-26

wendy's secret garden-28

wendy's secret garden-36

wendy's secret garden-35

wendy's secret garden-47

wendy's secret garden-48

wendy's secret garden-49

wendy's secret garden-51

wendy's secret garden-52

wendy's secret garden-53

wendy's secret garden-54

wendy's secret garden-56

wendy's secret garden-59

wendy's secret garden-60

wendy's secret garden-61

wendy's secret garden-69

wendy's secret garden-70

wendy's secret garden-71

wendy's secret garden-72

wendy's secret garden-73


johnathan & manisha {sydney wedding} day II

14th December 2013

i must start by saying manisha is a superwoman with superhuman wedding powers.

who organises two perfect weddings of this magnitude to take place over one weekend.

i must admit, once i left at 10pm i needed a lie down in the park next door with some dusty city party folk.

my assistant assured passers by that i was in fact ok.

manisha and johnno, trust me, I don’t say this to everyone,

you rocked my world.

thank you thank you thank you. let’s stay in touch because I think you’re awesome x

manisha & johnathan-2

manisha & johnathan-1

manisha & johnathan-4

manisha & johnathan-3

manisha & johnathan-7

manisha & johnathan-8

manisha & johnathan-9

manisha & johnathan-12

manisha & johnathan-13

manisha & johnathan-15

manisha & johnathan-19

manisha & johnathan-17

manisha & johnathan-18

manisha & johnathan-20

manisha & johnathan-21

manisha & johnathan-22

manisha & johnathan-23

manisha & johnathan-24

manisha & johnathan-25

manisha & johnathan-27

manisha & johnathan-28

manisha & johnathan-29

manisha & johnathan-30

manisha & johnathan-31

manisha & johnathan-32

manisha & johnathan-33

manisha & johnathan-34

manisha & johnathan-35

manisha & johnathan-36

manisha & johnathan-37

manisha & johnathan-42

manisha & johnathan-43

manisha & johnathan-47

manisha & johnathan-48

manisha & johnathan-49

manisha & johnathan-50

manisha & johnathan-51

manisha & johnathan-52

manisha & johnathan-53

manisha & johnathan-54

manisha & johnathan-55

manisha & johnathan-56

manisha & johnathan-57

manisha & johnathan-58

manisha & johnathan-60

manisha & johnathan-61

manisha & johnathan-64

manisha & johnathan-62

manisha & johnathan-63

manisha & johnathan-65

manisha & johnathan-66

manisha & johnathan-67

manisha & johnathan-68

manisha & johnathan-69

manisha & johnathan-70

manisha & johnathan-72

manisha & johnathan-73

manisha & johnathan-74

manisha & johnathan-77

manisha & johnathan-78

manisha & johnathan-79

manisha & johnathan-148

manisha & johnathan-149

manisha & johnathan-81

manisha & johnathan-82

manisha & johnathan-83

manisha & johnathan-84

manisha & johnathan-85

manisha & johnathan-86

manisha & johnathan-87

manisha & johnathan-88

manisha & johnathan-89

manisha & johnathan-91

manisha & johnathan-90

manisha & johnathan-92

manisha & johnathan-93

manisha & johnathan-94

manisha & johnathan-95

manisha & johnathan-98

manisha & johnathan-97

manisha & johnathan-99

manisha & johnathan-100

manisha & johnathan-101

manisha & johnathan-102

manisha & johnathan-104

manisha & johnathan-105

manisha & johnathan-107

manisha & johnathan-108

manisha & johnathan-109

manisha & johnathan-110

manisha & johnathan-111

manisha & johnathan-112

manisha & johnathan-113

manisha & johnathan-114

manisha & johnathan-115

manisha & johnathan-116

manisha & johnathan-117

manisha & johnathan-118

manisha & johnathan-119

manisha & johnathan-120

manisha & johnathan-122

manisha & johnathan-123

manisha & johnathan-124

manisha & johnathan-125

manisha & johnathan-126

manisha & johnathan-127

manisha & johnathan-131

manisha & johnathan-129

manisha & johnathan-134

manisha & johnathan-135

manisha & johnathan-136

manisha & johnathan-137

manisha & johnathan-138

manisha & johnathan-139

manisha & johnathan-140

manisha & johnathan-143

manisha & johnathan-142

manisha & johnathan-144

manisha & johnathan-147

manisha & johnathan-145

manisha & johnathan-146


johnathan & manisha {sydney wedding} day I

13th December 2013

my name is michelle and i am a quiet, composed wedding photographer who stands to the side and shoots your candid moments.

your flowing veil, your casually draped bouquet, your runaway flower girl…

but not today.

today i was thrown into the middle of 500 plus colourful, singing, dancing, drumming, elated friends and relatives of Manisha and Johnathan.

And oh my gosh. I had the time of my life.

I was jumping, ducking, swerving, clicking, cheering and laughing.

At one stage I ended up on the ground on top of the grooms feet. But that’s ok. I just shot his feet!

I was about 64% under control because I had a run sheet and an assistant who would point and wildly gesture at what I needed to shoot.

But when I saw the bride arrive at the venue entrance to meet the groom I was thrown. She wasn’t supposed to be there.

My run sheet and my madly gesturing assistant specifically said she was not supposed to be there.

But that’s ok. We were all excited! I just kept jumping and snapping and laughing.

The run sheet was right. The beautiful Manisha was inside. She had a twin.

And when my heart rate returned to a normal functioning state, we all had a laugh.

I am so so SO honoured to have had this experience.

There was colossal amounts of colour and emotion and excitement and love.

And Manisha and Johnathan are the nicest couple you’ll ever meet. I’m not joking, I mean ever.

It’s a day I’ll never forget.

ps. this is only day one! wait for day two…

manisha & jonathan-3

manisha & jonathan-14

manisha & jonathan-11

manisha & jonathan-13

manisha & jonathan-15

manisha & jonathan-16

manisha & jonathan-17

manisha & jonathan-20

manisha & jonathan-21

manisha & jonathan-22

manisha & jonathan-26

manisha & jonathan-27

manisha & jonathan-23

manisha & jonathan-29

manisha & jonathan-30

manisha & jonathan-31

manisha & jonathan-33

manisha & jonathan-34

manisha & jonathan-35

manisha & jonathan-36

manisha & jonathan-38

manisha & jonathan-39

manisha & jonathan-41

manisha & jonathan-43

manisha & jonathan-44

manisha & jonathan-46

manisha & jonathan-47

manisha & jonathan-48

manisha & jonathan-49

manisha & jonathan-51

manisha & jonathan-52

manisha & jonathan-54

manisha & jonathan-55

manisha & jonathan-56

manisha & jonathan-58

manisha & jonathan-59

manisha & jonathan-60

manisha & jonathan-62

manisha & jonathan-63

manisha & jonathan-64

manisha & jonathan-74

manisha & jonathan-75

manisha & jonathan-76

manisha & jonathan-77

manisha & jonathan-78

manisha & jonathan-79

manisha & jonathan-83

manisha & jonathan-84

manisha & jonathan-85

manisha & jonathan-86

manisha & jonathan-88

manisha & jonathan-89

manisha & jonathan-90

manisha & jonathan-91

manisha & jonathan-92

manisha & jonathan-93

manisha & jonathan-94

manisha & jonathan-95

manisha & jonathan-96

manisha & jonathan-97

manisha & jonathan-98

manisha & jonathan-99

manisha & jonathan-100

manisha & jonathan-101

manisha & jonathan-102

manisha & jonathan-103

manisha & jonathan-105

manisha & jonathan-106


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