emily + spencer | kangaroo valley

9th June 2014

this wedding is memorable for so many reasons;

it was the coldest day in the history of mankind,

I wanted to steal a Camilla and Marc jumpsuit off a bridesmaid,

emily’s laugh,

those coats!!

I have never seen a better looking group of guests in my entire life,

I don’t like to use the word ‘epic’ too often, but the dancefloor. was. epic.

emily and spencer have moved to NYC (which makes me inherently cool, I think),

so this post is for you guys! your package of goodies is on it’s way xxx

melross farm-91

melross farm-92

melross farm-6

melross farm-8

melross farm-10

melross farm-7

melross farm-11

melross farm-15

melross farm-16

melross farm-17

melross farm-18

melross farm-19

melross farm-20

melross farm-21

melross farm-23

melross farm-24

melross farm-28

melross farm-27

melross farm-30

melross farm-31

melross farm-32

melross farm-33

melross farm-35

melross farm-36

melross farm-37

melross farm-38

melross farm-39

melross farm-40

melross farm-41

melross farm-42

melross farm-43

melross farm-45

melross farm-46

melross farm-47

melross farm-48

melross farm-49

melross farm-50

melross farm-51

melross farm-53

melross farm-54

melross farm-55

melross farm-57

melross farm-58

melross farm-60

melross farm-61

melross farm-63

melross farm-64

melross farm-66

melross farm-74

melross farm-75

melross farm-69

melross farm-70

melross farm-71

melross farm-81

melross farm-82

melross farm-84

melross farm-85

melross farm-86

melross farm-87

melross farm-88

melross farm-89

melross farm-90


the simons | balmoral beach

6th June 2014

balmoral beach-1

balmoral beach-9

balmoral beach-11

balmoral beach-13

balmoral beach-16

balmoral beach-17

balmoral beach-19

balmoral beach-21

balmoral beach-8

balmoral beach-26

balmoral beach-24

balmoral beach-23


melissa & blake | southern highlands

27th May 2014

autumn weddings in the Southern Highlands are stunning.

Melissa & Blake’s day at Montrose Berry Farm was no exception!

the rain held off as we strolled through fields and trekked up mountains.

we stumbled across cow skulls and the odd femur!

(which made perfect props once blake had checked them for deadly parasites and brain residue. thanks blake!).

melissa & blake,  your day was awesome. thanks for having me x

montrose berry farm-2

montrose berry farm-1

montrose berry farm-5

montrose berry farm-3

montrose berry farm-11

montrose berry farm-13

montrose berry farm-16

montrose berry farm-21

montrose berry farm-22

montrose berry farm-24

montrose berry farm-25

montrose berry farm-26

montrose berry farm-27

montrose berry farm-28

montrose berry farm-29

montrose berry farm-31

montrose berry farm-32

montrose berry farm-40

montrose berry farm-45

montrose berry farm-50

montrose berry farm-51

montrose berry farm-54

montrose berry farm-56

montrose berry farm-58

montrose berry farm-60

montrose berry farm-64

montrose berry farm-65

montrose berry farm-66

montrose berry farm-67

montrose berry farm-68

montrose berry farm-69

montrose berry farm-70

montrose berry farm-72

montrose berry farm-73

montrose berry farm-74

montrose berry farm-75

montrose berry farm-79

montrose berry farm-80

montrose berry farm-81

montrose berry farm-77

montrose berry farm-82

montrose berry farm-83

montrose berry farm-84

montrose berry farm-85

montrose berry farm-86

montrose berry farm-87


sam + blake | published

22nd May 2014

Sam + Blake-1

Sam + Blake-2

Sam + Blake-3

Sam + Blake-4

Sam + Blake-5

Sam + Blake-6


emily + dave | bendooley estate

15th April 2014

I’m a wee bit excited to be able to share this wedding.

Emily and Dave live in New york and popped over to the beautiful Bendooley Estate last year to get married.

(Bride to be Emily traipsed through airports wedding bound with Vera Wang slung over her shoulder. Oh yes she did.)

Here are a couple of my favourites.

And… my awesome fancy friends are featured on US Style Me Pretty today!

Style Me Pretty is kind of a big deal in the world of weddings so make sure you click here to see what all of the fuss is about.

Thanks for having an amazing wedding Emily and Dave. I’m still buzzing x

bendooley estate 027

bendooley estate 005

bendooley estate 006

bendooley estate 032

bendooley estate 034

bendooley estate 037

bendooley estate 038

bendooley estate 011

bendooley estate 012

bendooley estate 014

bendooley estate 039

bendooley estate 040

bendooley estate 043

bendooley estate 044

bendooley estate 016

bendooley estate 018

bendooley estate 050

bendooley estate 051

bendooley estate 052

bendooley estate 054

bendooley estate 058

bendooley estate 057

bendooley estate 021

bendooley estate 059

bendooley estate 023

bendooley estate-82

bendooley estate 063

bendooley estate 024

bendooley estate 025

bendooley estate 026

bendooley estate 062

bendooley estate-107

bendooley estate-108

bendooley estate-109

bendooley estate-111

bendooley estate-113

bendooley estate-115

bendooley estate-116


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