laura + adam | south coast

27th February 2015



laura and adam’s wedding was very, very memorable.

the day began with thunder and torrential rain.

laura waited inside for a break in the weather so she could walk down her aisle ( i LOVE a bride willing to take on rain. just saying).

the rain eventually stopped for the ceremony but cloud stayed to keep guests cool and provide this happy snapper with some incredible filter and light.

as these guys were pronounced husband and wife, the clouds rolled back (i kid you not. check out the colour of that sky!) and they were illuminated in summer sunshine.

we finished the day with a rocking sunset and a couple of frolicking wales.

summer in australia.

love you and loved your day to bits laura and adam xxx

bush bank michelle fiona-1

bush bank michelle fiona-6

bush bank michelle fiona-5

bush bank michelle fiona-11

bush bank michelle fiona-10

bush bank michelle fiona-13

bush bank michelle fiona-15

bush bank michelle fiona-16

bush bank michelle fiona-17

bush bank michelle fiona-21

bush bank michelle fiona-25

bush bank michelle fiona-22

bush bank michelle fiona-24

bush bank michelle fiona-26

bush bank michelle fiona-27

bush bank michelle fiona-28

bush bank michelle fiona-29

bush bank michelle fiona-30

bush bank michelle fiona-40

bush bank michelle fiona-41

bush bank michelle fiona-43

bush bank michelle fiona-47

bush bank michelle fiona-48

bush bank michelle fiona-50

bush bank michelle fiona-49

bush bank michelle fiona-52

bush bank michelle fiona-55

bush bank michelle fiona-57

bush bank michelle fiona-58

bush bank michelle fiona-60

bush bank michelle fiona-62

bush bank michelle fiona-65

bush bank michelle fiona-63

bush bank michelle fiona-64

bush bank michelle fiona-70

bush bank michelle fiona-66

bush bank michelle fiona-71

bush bank michelle fiona-72

bush bank michelle fiona-73

bush bank michelle fiona-74

bush bank michelle fiona-75

bush bank michelle fiona-76

bush bank michelle fiona-78

bush bank michelle fiona-77

bush bank michelle fiona-79

bush bank michelle fiona-80

bush bank michelle fiona-81

bush bank michelle fiona-82

bush bank michelle fiona-83

bush bank michelle fiona-84


cyle + dan | southern highlands

11th August 2014

my dear friends Cyle and Dan had a stunning winter wedding at Mali Brae Farm.

it was a wedding with that ‘extra something’ you don’t come across too often.

i laughed a lot, hugged a lot, sighed a lot and i cried twice .

Cyle and Dan, your day was awesome, your family is seriously ace and it was a huge honour to be a part of such a truly amazing day x

mali brae farm-8

mali brae farm-7

mali brae farm-6

mali brae farm-10

mali brae farm-12

mali brae farm-15

mali brae farm-16

mali brae farm-17

mali brae farm-18

mali brae farm-19

mali brae farm-20

mali brae farm-21

mali brae farm-24

mali brae farm-25

mali brae farm-26

mali brae farm-28

mali brae farm-30

mali brae farm-31

mali brae farm-32

mali brae farm-33

mali brae farm-39

mali brae farm-40

mali brae farm-41

mali brae farm-42

mali brae farm-44

mali brae farm-45

mali brae farm-46

mali brae farm-53

mali brae farm-54

mali brae farm-56

mali brae farm-55

mali brae farm-51

mali brae farm-52

mali brae farm-60

mali brae farm-61

mali brae farm-62

mali brae farm-58

mali brae farm-63

mali brae farm-64

mali brae farm-65

mali brae farm-66

mali brae farm-67

mali brae farm-69

mali brae farm-70

mali brae farm-72

mali brae farm-74

mali brae farm-77

mali brae farm-76

mali brae farm-81

mali brae farm-86

mali brae farm-2

mali brae farm-87

mali brae farm-88

mali brae farm-89

mali brae farm-91

mali brae farm-93

mali brae farm-94

mali brae farm-104

mali brae farm-99

mali brae farm-101

mali brae farm-105

mali brae farm-102

mali brae farm-103

mali brae farm-106

mali brae farm-109

mali brae farm-110

mali brae farm-111

mali brae farm-113

mali brae farm-115

mali brae farm-117

mali brae farm-119

mali brae farm-116

mali brae farm-118

mali brae farm-120

mali brae farm-121

mali brae farm-122


jenna + steve | erakor island, vanuatu

24th July 2014

Jenna and Steve asked me to shoot their wedding in Vanuatu.

i said “yes jenna and steve, i think that should be ok” and then i called every person i knew sobbing.

i love Vanuatu. I’ve been there a number of times now (oh yes, I am very fancy). It’s my happy place.

We went snorkelling with Steve the day before his wedding and I’ve decided to make it mandatory to go snorkelling with every couple the day before their wedding. It was just awesome.

I’m also considering making it mandatory that all weddings are in Vanuatu (or an equivalent tropical island setting).

Perhaps a goal for 2015.

erakor island vanuatu-7

erakor island vanuatu-8

erakor island vanuatu-9

erakor island vanuatu-13

erakor island vanuatu-15

erakor island vanuatu-16

erakor island vanuatu-18

erakor island vanuatu-21

erakor island vanuatu-25

erakor island vanuatu-29

erakor island vanuatu-31

erakor island vanuatu-35

erakor island vanuatu-36

erakor island vanuatu-37

erakor island vanuatu-40

erakor island vanuatu-43erakor island vanuatu-42

erakor island vanuatu-44

erakor island vanuatu-45

erakor island vanuatu-46

erakor island vanuatu-48

erakor island vanuatu-52

erakor island vanuatu-53

erakor island vanuatu-60

erakor island vanuatu-61

erakor island vanuatu-62

erakor island vanuatu-64

erakor island vanuatu-66

erakor island vanuatu-67

erakor island vanuatu-68

erakor island vanuatu-69

erakor island vanuatu-74

erakor island vanuatu-75

erakor island vanuatu-76

erakor island vanuatu-77

erakor island vanuatu-78

erakor island vanuatu-80

erakor island vanuatu-83

erakor island vanuatu-70

erakor island vanuatu-85

erakor island vanuatu-86

erakor island vanuatu-87

erakor island vanuatu-88

erakor island vanuatu-89

erakor island vanuatu-90

erakor island vanuatu-91

erakor island vanuatu-92

erakor island vanuatu-93

erakor island vanuatu-94

erakor island vanuatu-97

erakor island vanuatu-98


emily + spencer | kangaroo valley

9th June 2014

this wedding is memorable for so many reasons;

it was the coldest day in the history of mankind,

I wanted to steal a Camilla and Marc jumpsuit off a bridesmaid,

emily’s laugh,

those coats!!

I have never seen a better looking group of guests in my entire life,

I don’t like to use the word ‘epic’ too often, but the dancefloor. was. epic.

emily and spencer have moved to NYC (which makes me inherently cool, I think),

so this post is for you guys! your package of goodies is on it’s way xxx

melross farm-91

melross farm-92

melross farm-6

melross farm-8

melross farm-10

melross farm-7

melross farm-11

melross farm-15

melross farm-16

melross farm-17

melross farm-18

melross farm-19

melross farm-20

melross farm-21

melross farm-23

melross farm-24

melross farm-28

melross farm-27

melross farm-30

melross farm-31

melross farm-32

melross farm-33

melross farm-35

melross farm-36

melross farm-37

melross farm-38

melross farm-39

melross farm-40

melross farm-41

melross farm-42

melross farm-43

melross farm-45

melross farm-46

melross farm-47

melross farm-48

melross farm-49

melross farm-50

melross farm-51

melross farm-53

melross farm-54

melross farm-55

melross farm-57

melross farm-58

melross farm-60

melross farm-61

melross farm-63

melross farm-64

melross farm-66

melross farm-74

melross farm-75

melross farm-69

melross farm-70

melross farm-71

melross farm-81

melross farm-82

melross farm-84

melross farm-85

melross farm-86

melross farm-87

melross farm-88

melross farm-89

melross farm-90


sam + blake | published

22nd May 2014

Sam + Blake-1

Sam + Blake-2

Sam + Blake-3

Sam + Blake-4

Sam + Blake-5

Sam + Blake-6


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